Camille Monae


Monae played Rhonda with a hearty mix of otherworldly, flighty funeral assistant and an unstated resentment against Bernadette for how their mother's funeral and estate was handled. Monae mixed her comic subtext with her hurt sister subtext and had a great character transformation to something positive, as she encountered Scottie, Tim and Beth, each in their moments of chaos. Her comedy made some otherwise uncomfortable moments sparkle. Charlie Bowles

Director, Steven Pounders

Circle Theatre

This Random World

by steven dietz

Camille Monae, in the role of Sister James, was skillful in portraying the innocence of the role. - Elaine Plybon

Director, Emily Scott Banks

Theatre Arlington

Doubt, A Parable

by john patrick shanley

Men on Boats-15.jpg

Camille Monae finely calibrates the character’s every move and expression, and conveys, often without words, the depth of Powell’s internal resources. As an actor able to telegraph internal mental states with just her eyes, Monae is well cast here. - Ann Saucer

Camille Monae manages to convey the two sides of the man—both a teacher and a soldier—with an easygoing, slightly detached grace. She also foregrounds Powell’s fierce determination not to be held back by disability—he lost an arm in the Civil War—in some lovely physical acting. - Jill Sweeney

Director, Noah Putterman

Circle Theatre

Men on Boats

by jaclyn backhaus

Camille Monae as Genie (yes, that Genie) is fantastic in this role... - Brian Wilson

Director, Raphael Parry

Shakespeare Dallas

The Comedy of Errors

by william shakespeare

The ensemble is strong, especially the activist-channeling Monae... - Mark Lowry

Director, Joanie Schultz

Water Tower Theatre

Hit the Wall

by ike holter



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